India’s ultra rich redirecting their investment focus to residential real estate


India’s affluent class has been increasingly redirecting their investment focus towards residential real estate for some time, marking a notable change in the country’s investment landscape. This transition emphasizes changing trends in investment preferences and reflects the motivations driving the elite’s choice to invest in residential properties.

According to a recent Knight Frank report, India’s ultra-rich are allocating a significant portion of their wealth to residential assets, with a substantial 32 percent of their investment portfolio directed towards this sector. Moreover, approximately 12 percent of India’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) are planning to purchase a new home in 2024, indicating a growing appetite for residential real estate investments.

Commenting on the same, Parvinder Singh, CEO, Trident Realty,-says, “The growing interest of elites in the residential real estate sector reflects a shift towards quality living spaces that cater to evolving lifestyle preferences. Elites are drawn to high-quality residential projects that offer sustainable and multifunctional living environments, aligning with their desire for exclusivity and modern amenities. In 2024, the residential sector is poised for significant growth, driven by factors like urbanization, rising incomes, and a focus on harmonious living with nature. To meet the preferences of affluent buyers, we have designed our projects with a focus on privacy, space, and a connection to nature. Our developments offer a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and comfort to meet the discerning tastes of elite homebuyers.”

The Knight Frank’s flagship report, The Wealth Report 2024, forecasts a remarkable surge in the number of Indian UHNWIs, projecting an increase to 19,908 by 2028 from 13,263 in 2023. This translates to a substantial 50.1% growth, representing the highest growth rate in the number of UHNWIs for any country over the next five years.

Aman Trehan, Executive Director, Trehan Iris, says, “The surge in residential property investment among India’s elite class signifies a remarkable shift in preferences, sustained by a thriving economy and evolving lifestyle choices. According to the 2024 Wealth Report by Knight Frank India, 32% of UHNWIs are allocating towards real estate assets, with 12% intending to acquire new homes in 2024. This report underscores the sector’s unprecedented growth, revealing Delhi’s rise in the real estate sector. With a confluence of factors such as high demands, favourable mortgage rates, and a robust economy, the allure of luxury properties and alternative assets will likely persist among high-net-worth individuals and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. 22% of wealthy individuals want to invest in residential property this year, and 19% in commercial property.”

“Moreover, the ongoing expansion of infrastructure and connectivity initiatives, particularly in the National Capital Region, is poised to unlock new opportunities for elite investors, promising capital appreciation and enhanced lifestyles. As we look ahead, the trajectory of India’s real estate market is poised for continued evolution, suggesting a promising outlook for the market in the years ahead,” he adds.

Moreover, a positive economic sentiment among people is seen that reflects the resilience and potential of the Indian economy. This change in sentiment matches with a broader acknowledgment of real estate’s enduring value and its potential for sustained financial growth. Investors are strategically positioning themselves for wealth accumulation and the creation of multi-generational wealth through real estate investment.

Aman Sharma, Founder & Managing Director, Aarize Group, says, “Witnessing India’s super-rich allocate a substantial 32% of their wealth to housing properties is incredibly encouraging. It reflects a steadfast belief in real estate as a cornerstone of wealth preservation and growth. This data reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality projects that cater to the discerning tastes of affluent buyers. We recognize the importance of offering luxurious yet secure options that align with the investment preferences of this demographic. Such insights drive our strategic planning, ensuring that we continue to meet the evolving demands of the market and maintain our position as a trusted provider of premium real estate.”

Beyond economic factors, lifestyle shifts are playing a pivotal role in driving up demands for luxury and larger homes among India’s elite. The unprecedented growth of the ultra-luxury housing sector in 2023 accentuates a strong desire for premium living experiences among affluent individuals. This emphasis on enhanced lifestyle offerings is a key driver behind the elite’s preference to invest in residential properties, as they seek to elevate their living standards and indulge in luxurious living experiences.

Ashish Sharma, AVP operations, Brahma Group, says, “The surge in luxury housing sales among India’s elite, up by 130% Y-O-Y, signals a seismic shift in the real estate landscape. Previously allocating 20% of their wealth to residential properties, they now invest 32%, according to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2024. This strategic pivot towards tangible assets promises both luxury and long-term capital appreciation. Driven by the allure of upscale urban living and a growing population of high-net-worth individuals, affluent investors are crafting environments that epitomize comfort, exclusivity, and prestige. Luxury real estate transcends mere acquisition; it has become a profound statement of status and purpose. Moreover, the sector is likely to witness a surge from India’s elite with an upward growth curve in the coming years.”

This trend presents exciting possibilities for the Indian real estate market. With a growing number of UHNWIs seeking prime residential investments, luxury developers can accommodate their desire for exclusivity, comfort, and long-term value. However, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating evolving preferences and offering innovative solutions that cater to the elite’s ever-changing needs.

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